Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Introducing Myself

My name is Caitlyn Pace and I am an Art 1 and Media Arts 1 student. I am 14 years old and a freshman at North Myrtle Beach High School. During the summer, I started painting and drawing more and trying out new mediums. I am completely self taught and have not taken a formal art class before. I have recently been able to sell my artwork that I have previously made. Soon this upcoming summer I will be going to a month long camp in Winston Salem, NC at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts at a Visual Arts Camp Intensive. I have decided to take Art 1 to have a basis of what an art class is like for this camp. I also enjoy painting and drawing for a purpose instead of winging things like I usually do. Some of my favorite mediums to work with are acrylic and watercolor paints, soft pastels, and of course, pencil and paper.

I have gone so far with my artwork due to my family and my friends. My mom, Marijon, is my biggest supporter. My mom supports me with everything I do in the art world. If I want to go to an art camp, she will do everything in her will to try and get me there. If I would like to try a different medium like marker or oils, my mom will find a way to get it for me considering I have no way of income. Along with my mom, my second biggest supporter is my best friend Gabby. Gabby supports me with my choices. She recently helped me design a website for my art work and pick out business cards for when I sell paintings to give out. Without my friends and family, I would not be as far as I am now in art.

My favorite quote that encourages me everyday is, "Amazing things can happen in as little as a month just as long as you don't give up." This quote encourages me a lot because less than a month ago, I was just looking at a summer camp and now I have a secured spot for going. Less than a month ago, I had never sold my first couple of paintings and now I am opening a website and selling more paintings.

Break Every Chain- Tasha Cobbs


  1. Hi I really liked your favorite quote! Read every one of your classmate's introduction... I think being positive is a great way to motivate everyone around you!

  2. I really like your favorite quote.

  3. Its cool that you sell art, how much do they sell for?

    1. My prices vary depending on the amount of time and effort, the size of the painting, and medium I used. Most are between $15-$30.

  4. How positive you are when it comes to your art is really inspiring. I bet you will go far in your life and with your artwork