Tuesday, January 31, 2017

OP Art

In this art piece, I created an Optical Illusion (Op Art). The idea of this piece is that the individual sections are popping forward. To create this illusion, I colored the different section and went over the "bump" area of the column with either white or a shade lighter. I also added shadows with a closer but darker color, added more pressure to the colored pencil, or added black to the edges. As I was working, I discovered that adding white over a light color does not create the effect I wanted. To problem solve, I lightly shaded the highlight area and added more pressure as I went out. I also learned that simple ideas take time to create no matter how simple it seems.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Art 1 Portfolio

For my Art 1 Portfolio, we were to include typography. Typography is using letters to create a picture. For this project, we were to use our name and create a drawing. To do this, I drew a tree and wrote my name in white in cursive at the bottom to look like roots. To add more detail, I used a black PrimaColor colored pencil to shade the tree. I also used the N5 Copic marker and white pen to create  a little girl on a swing. To go along with my personal style, I created an abstract background with colored pencils and watercolor to intensify and added some white highlights. I really like how this turned out because it includes the requirements and it also goes along with my style.

Introducing Myself

My name is Caitlyn Pace and I am an Art 1 and Media Arts 1 student. I am 14 years old and a freshman at North Myrtle Beach High School. During the summer, I started painting and drawing more and trying out new mediums. I am completely self taught and have not taken a formal art class before. I have recently been able to sell my artwork that I have previously made. Soon this upcoming summer I will be going to a month long camp in Winston Salem, NC at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts at a Visual Arts Camp Intensive. I have decided to take Art 1 to have a basis of what an art class is like for this camp. I also enjoy painting and drawing for a purpose instead of winging things like I usually do. Some of my favorite mediums to work with are acrylic and watercolor paints, soft pastels, and of course, pencil and paper.

I have gone so far with my artwork due to my family and my friends. My mom, Marijon, is my biggest supporter. My mom supports me with everything I do in the art world. If I want to go to an art camp, she will do everything in her will to try and get me there. If I would like to try a different medium like marker or oils, my mom will find a way to get it for me considering I have no way of income. Along with my mom, my second biggest supporter is my best friend Gabby. Gabby supports me with my choices. She recently helped me design a website for my art work and pick out business cards for when I sell paintings to give out. Without my friends and family, I would not be as far as I am now in art.

My favorite quote that encourages me everyday is, "Amazing things can happen in as little as a month just as long as you don't give up." This quote encourages me a lot because less than a month ago, I was just looking at a summer camp and now I have a secured spot for going. Less than a month ago, I had never sold my first couple of paintings and now I am opening a website and selling more paintings.

Break Every Chain- Tasha Cobbs